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The Island


The Island of Hoga, Wakatobi National Park

For scuba divers, the underwater world around Hoga Island, Wakatobi, offers stunning views of coral reefs teeming with an exceptionally wide variety of marine life.


Everywhere you look there is something to tantalise the eyes and intrigue the senses. There is always something new to learn about the reef and its inhabitants. It is also great to watch the sea gypsy children who still wear wooden dive googles.


There are no roads or vehicles on the island, just one very small village on the northern end. Over the years, Hoga Island Dive Resort has become well known among more adventurous travellers keen to enjoy unspoilt nature at its best, with clean budget accommodation, genuine hospitality, good food and tranquillity.


From the beach you have a view of the sea gypsy village, which can you also easily visit. Endless opportunities to take pictures of and with the fun-loving children,.


Hoga has become well-known because of the scientific and research activities of Operation Wallacea.