Wakatobi Hoga Diving | How to get there

Directions to Hoga Island


It is possible to reach Hoga, Wakatobi, in one day from Jakarta.


There are daily flights to Wakatobi (Matahora airport) from Makassar, Sulawesi, by Lion Air.


After landing in Wanci, one can take a taxi (150.000 Rph) and (weather permitting) a charter boat (800.000 Rph) direct to Hoga.

Or you can stay the night in Wanci. It’s easy to book a hotel via booking.com (nice places are Wasabinua hotel and Wisata beach hotel). There are ferries leaving from Numana harbor at 7am and 1pm. The resort will pick you up from the ferry.


The ferry returns to Wanci at 2pm.


Makassar is accessible by direct flights from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bali and Jakarta. The easiest way to book your complete journey is through Caraka Travelindo or Tiket.com.


From the Netherlands you can fly to Jakarta non-stop and through to Makassar. This journey can be booked with Merapi Tours. For accommodation near Makassar airport, we can recommend Ibis airport hotel.


Please be aware that flights and sailing times can change.