Wakatobi Hoga Diving | A little slice of heaven
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Wakatobi Hoga Diving


A little slice of heaven

Hoga Island, Wakatobi National Park is located in the heart of the Coral Triangle, one of the most bio-diverse regions of the Indo-Pacific region and even of the world. This makes for a unique diving experience where you will see incredibly colourful corals teeming with marine life from large trevallies and schools of barracuda to small but stunning nudibranchs and cleaner shrimps.


To get the best rooms, book directly by emailing wiahoga@gmail.com.


Watch Floortje Naar Het Einde Van De Wereld.

In the middle of the Wakatobi National Park in Sulawesi lives Geertje, a 62-year-old Dutch who has been living on a small paradise island for 22 years, surrounded by beautiful waters and coral reefs. In those 22 years she has done a lot for the local population and she is taken up by a very special group of people, the sea nomads.


Wakatobi Hoga Diving is a budget dive resort in the middle of Wakatobi. The resort is vegan friendly.


Accommodation (including meals) is 450,000Rph / night. Alternatively, you can stay in a homestay in the seagypsy village of Sampela (including meals) for 250,000Rph / night.


The local Hoga dive operation can take you diving. They also can bring you to places further away with their small budget live-aboard. The best conditions are from mid-September to the start of December.


One dive is 500,000Rph including gear rental (350,000Rph without gear).


The National Park fee is 150,000Rph.


No Wifi, but Telksomsel cards are working on the island.


Please note this is a conservative muslim area so it is advised to dress modestly.


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Just Great

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Just finished my dive trip with these people... I stay there for 5 days and 4 nights ... And it's just awesome ... Nice beach, nice cottage, hammock everywhere, nice service ... And good foods too... One of the best place to enjoy the sunset... Also do couple of dives.... Great coral, a lot of schooling fishes.... Small and beautiful critters.... Thank you for the hospitality for all of the staff espeacially for geertje for provided us everything we need ...

Ms lyndall palmer

4 5 1
To discover this hidden treasure was the highlight to our Sulawesi trip! Altho we live in Nth Bali n have some great dive spots close by we were most impressed by not only the pristine sea n 25+ dive spots n the care n knowledge of both Captain n dive Master. Lovely comfy wooden bungalows with plenty of places to relax whilst they created a banquet in the kitchen.(cos diving sure makes one hungry!) Which was served under the stars by the friendly staff. Impressively clean with attention to details. I will definately return!!


5 5 1
i spend some amazing weeks at yoga island. Getting my padi open water was no problem, most days where spent in the crystal clear water. the evenings we spent either playing games with the local kids or staring from a hammock in to the bay while the fisherman are going home with the soft sounds of the water and the ketinktinks.